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Kuang Suggests A Project For Animal Conservation Used In Creating Traditional Chinese Medicines

Kuang Yi Ku has designed a predictive project, “Tiger Penis Project” that is based on the traditional Chinese medication. The major goal of the project is to replace the animal products harvested from animals that have been used in traditional treatments with the animal tissues and organs that can be grown artificially using synthetic biology.

This project success would be dual beneficial for the conservatives as well as the people practicing traditional medication. This will help prevent the extinction of the endangered species. He researched the possibilities to grow genetically modified organs using tissue culture, genetic modification, and 3D bioprinting.

According to the project, the modified animal organs that will be developed would be used with a combination of natural herb extracts for treatment.

According to Kuang, this project of development of traditional medicine will help in resolving clashes among culture, environmental conservation, and health.

Using orthodontic resin, he created 3-dimensional statues of hybrid animal parts that look similar in appearance with the animal tissue. Along with the sculptures, he suggested that the project would include a mini-lab set-up with scientific equipments for organ development and different herbs.

Kuang said that this project will provide a great opportunity to expand Eastern traditional medication towards Western European states. Also, most of the younger generation is currently not following Chinese tradition. So, the project will increase awareness among Asians, who are trying to get rid of their ancestors’ knowledge.

He hopes for the collaboration of the project with different research institutes. Along with Chinese, the approach could be executed for other cultures also, where the clash is going on between the conservation of animals and traditions.

Ku is planning to initiate a new project ‘Tarot of Pulse’ to develop pseudoscientific fortune-telling system with the combination of the Western concept used in blood pressure meter and traditional Chinese concept of visualizing and feeling the pulses.

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