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Americans Getting Sicker, Dye Younger Even As Billions Are Invested In Digital Health Care

Americans Getting Sicker, Dye Younger Even As Billions Are Invested In Digital Health CareSilicon Valley has invested several years to implement digitization in the health-care sector worth $3.5 trillion. In the previous year, Boston, the Bay Area, and others have spent billions of dollars in the sector, contributing to the start-ups that target to bring down the costs associated with healthcare, while enhancing the quality of life and ensuring access to the appropriate providers. Some of the most talked about trends in the segment include wearable, virtual care solutions, apps of medication management, and new tools that enable the physicians to communicate with their patients between their visits.

The aforementioned prospects sound great and the software is aimed to improve every sector. However, when the healthcare industry is concerned, a question lurks in the mind of the analysts, why the status of health not improving?

If the latest reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are scrutinized minutely, it will be observed that people are getting sicker, while the life expectancy has also depleted significantly for the first time in years. Alcoholism, suicide, opioid epidemic, and other factors are contributing to the same. The new age people are also overweight pertaining to the unhealthy lifestyle and junk foods. In fact, this is the most obese generation in the history of mankind and the people are refraining from improving the lifestyle in spite of the countless health awareness campaigns. Also, the anti-tobacco campaigns are executed on a daily basis to curb the habit of smoking. However, the habit of smoking is not ceasing to deplete among the people, contributing to the deaths related to the ailments of lower respiration.

To get to the roots of the concern, CNBC had discussed the matter with venture capitalists and researchers. They came up with a conclusion that indicates though the industry is not refraining from investing to improve the health conditions, the technologies are still young that are taking time to come into effect.

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