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Clinical Trials Of Breath Test Underway For Detecting Cancer

Clinical Trials Of Breath Test Underway For Detecting CancerRecently a clinical trial was launched to determine the effectiveness of a new breath test. If the breath test is successful it will help in early identification of different types of cancer.

This breath test has been developed by the team of Cancer Research, United Kingdom Cambridge Institute. This test is also supported by the Owlstone Medical. It is a noninvasive test type which tries to find the existence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the breath. VOCs are unique molecules present in the breath of human beings which can assist scientists to detect the existence of cancer in human body.

The prime benefit of this test is cancer will be identified at early stages. People can start their medication immediately, which in turn will lead to positive health conditions. This breath test is known as Owlstone Medical’s Breath Biopsy and at present is being tested in a clinical trial named as PAN Cancer Trial for Early Detection of Cancer in Breath.

This trial is led by Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald. She informed that they need more and more such early detection techniques which will enable a quick cure or treatment of cancer. According to the Professor, the next step in this study is to identify signature molecules which will help in early detection of this fatal disease.

Owlstone Medical Breath Biopsy is the first technology of its kind which is trying to find a way out for early detection for all kinds of cancers. Fitzgerald informed that this might become a universal breath test.

The scientists further explained the process by stating that, human body produces a wide range of VOCs. In case the body undergoes mutation process, there is a change in the type of molecules produced by the VOCs. The trial targets to collect samples from 1500 participants.

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