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iPhones Banned In Germany; The Company Pushed On 4th Position

iPhones Banned In Germany; The Company Pushed On 4th PositionBeing known as the biggest victim of Trump’s trade war, the complications for the California based tech giant are increasing day-by-day. The rising pressure over the company because of the ongoing trade tensions between the United States and China is making its operating difficult thus resulting into some unprecedented losses. Looking at the depriving scenario it has even issued a letter to its investors admitting the possibility of missing out the quarterly revenue targets. Many of the investors have already turned their faces away from the company because of the increasing difficulties of the company.

The company is already facing issues on the customers end as they aren’t really happy to pay out $1k+ money just for the sake of not so considerable upgrades in the iPhone models. It has also been hit with some legal allegations on the other hand which is getting difficult to fight for the company. In the year 2018, the company ended with a lawsuit being filed on it by smartphone chip manufacturer Qualcomm. The company was accused of infringement of certain patents of Qualcomm which were related to power saving. Deep down, a patent regarding one of the technologies developed by the Qualcomm was infringed by one of the company’s suppliers named Qorvo.

Regarding the same, a court in Germany has issued an injunction on permanent basis thus resulting into the ban over selling such iPhones within the country. The company is also held liable for paying out damages in terms of money to the chip manufacturer. However, Apple from its end has already agreed that it will be stopping the sale of its iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 from its 15 official stores in the country. It has however insisted that those models will still be available with more than 4000 resellers spread across Germany.

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