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Doctors Try Fixing The Gender Gap Regarding HPV Vaccination

Doctors like Amanda Bruegl from the Oregon Health & Science University say even though there is an abundance of tools to eradicate the human papillomavirus (HPV) cancer cases still it is something that they are not even close to. What’s causing this to happen is something the doctors are not able to fix till date.

The gender gap between parents and kids is considered to be one of the main reasons for the escalating spread of HPV cancer. This sexually transmitted disease can be eradicated if the awareness about the ailment is spread among the people. Only because of a single virus a number of cancers like throat, anal, vulva, and penile are caused. The thorough researching HPV has resulted in the development of an effective vaccine that has to be taken before the exposure to sexual intimacy. There is a stigma around getting the vaccine and also at hitting a conversation with the parents regarding sexual exposure. Thus, the medical sector has decided on giving the teenagers free shots so as to get a hold on this mode of spread of cancer. The awareness regarding the disease is high among the girls in comparison to the boys. Thus, the governance is trying to help the boys catch up. Around 65% girls and 56% of the boys in the US have already got themselves vaccinated which is like a step taken forward so as to eradicate cancer.

Looking at the current increase in the HPV-related oral pharyngeal cancers in boys, the parents have made it a point to educate their boys more on the top. The doctors are encouraging their young patients to take the vaccination before any exposure to sexual activity as the vaccine tends to prove more effective during that phase. Lately, Ulrich Wiesner and his team of engineers from the Cornell University have come up with a novel approach of using antibody-based imaging made of ultra-small silica nanoparticles in order to diagnose cancer even in the aggressive form. The use of nanoscale to deliver the immune components to fight cancer is going to be the game-changer in the coming years.

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