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New CFO From The Activision Blizzard Being Hired By Netflix

New CFO From The Activision Blizzard Being Hired By NetflixThe streaming giant Netflix is reportedly hiring s big name from the gaming world, as the company is planning to bring the new chief financial officer with Spencer Neumann being the perfect fit for the role, as per the statement given by somebody closely familiar with this particular situation. The man had previously worked as the CFO of the company named Activision Blizzard, where his role was to basically oversee the financial reporting as well as accounting of the company. The man would soon be succeeding the current CFO of the company Netflix, named David Wells.

This decision has been taken by the company after the decision to depart was taken by Wells in the month of August, last year, after serving at the company for as much as a decade. The company however has not yet made any formal announcement regarding Spencer taking over. The man will be certainly joining the company, after his termination of employment from the previous company, which was for some undisclosed reasons, not related to financial reporting or accounting. In one of the SEC filings, the company Activision Blizzard said that the man is kept on leave.

Speaking of Netflix, the company has been hiring some talent from the entertainment industry quite aggressively in the time span of the last few months, and it is evident from the recent hire as well. This is also expected to prompt the competition in the market to take some relative counter-measures as well, in order to survive and compete. 21st Century Fox is reportedly battling the company in court, with an allegation that says that the company poached some of the people from it, and it also made them break the employment contracts as well. Another interesting fact to be noted is that Netflix is actually funding the growth plans of the company through debt majorly.

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