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Ford Plans To Slash Several Jobs In Its Re-Shuffling Plan

Ford Plans To Slash Several Jobs In Its Re-Shuffling PlanThe American car manufacturer is planning a huge re-shuffling in its manufacturing operations owing to which it is presumed to slash large number of jobs in the mainland of Europe and UK. However, the decision of cutting jobs in the factories located in UK is not confirmed. Steven Armstrong who heads the Europe division of the company has said that if the UK takes the decision of leaving the European Union without any sort of negotiated deal, the company will undertake reviewing of all the operations carried out in UK.

It has been reported that the company is looking forward to have talks with the unions so as to jot down some plans for reducing the costs. One of the key areas which the company is focusing upon is the development of Hybrid and Electric vehicles. The company is also increasing its concentration over the models that are more profitable for business and at the same time the plan about exiting from the markets that are less profitable is also on the table. The company is creating 3 new divisions and those will be passenger vehicles, imported vehicles, and the third will be the commercial vehicles.

Sources have said that the car giant is also trying to expand the commercial vehicles segment. According to the calculations of the company, it hopes that bringing in those changes will fetch an additional margin of 6% in the operations that are carried out in Europe. Unite; which is the biggest union in UK has said in its statement that it is working in close collaboration with the company so as to ensure the safety of the jobs across UK. It also said that the firm consistently strives hard so see that the interest of its employees in safeguarded.

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