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SpaceX Announced To Not Build Mars Ships In Los Angeles

SpaceX Announced To Not Build Mars Ships In Los AngelesRecently, SpaceX announced that instead of Los Angeles it is going to build test versions of the company’s Mars spaceship in south Texas. As per Hawthorne which is a California-based company stated that SpaceX has made this decision to streamline the operations. Last year the company won the approval to hire 19 acres of land at the port’s Terminal Island. SpaceX planned to create a new facility to start the company’s work on the interplanetary spaceships which SpaceX called as Starship and the world’s largest rocket, Super Heavy.

The place would have eased the shipping of space-crafts to the launch sites. It might have added a workforce of 700 people to the area. The company is now not proceeding with the option. Elon Musk has tweeted that the development of these Starships will continue at Hawthorne, whereas in south Texas the company will build the prototypes.  Musk added that SpaceX is building these Starships prototypes in Texas which is the launch site, as these starships are large. This will make them easy to transport.

The company will continue to use its existing port for the recovery of its reusable rockets and Dragon spacecraft. Southern California officials stated that they are very disappointed, as SpaceX will not be expanding the operations in Los Angeles but it is pleasing to know that the company will continue their recovery operations here at the port of Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles city councilman Joe Buscaino, the announcement made him crushed, but he feels confident that other companies will notice the large value they get in San Pedro.

Recently, the company has announced to lay off 10 percent of its workforce. The company has roughly 6,000 workers, where most of them work at SpaceX’s Hawthorne headquarters. The company’s Starship and Starlink projects are estimated to cost $10 billion each.

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