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Poland’s Prime Minister Blames The EU Of “Partiality” Amid Member States

Poland's Prime Minister Blames The EU Of “Partiality” Amid Member StatesPoland’s prime minister released a heavy criticism of the EU (European Union), stating that Brussels could fail to take care of different member states in a balanced and fair way. Mateusz Morawiecki—Prime Minister of Poland—thinks that the EU has shown “inequity” on how to cope up with various nations, citing the instances of energy and fiscal policy. In an interview to CNBC, Morawiecki stated, “Different member states and countries are treated quite diversely in very same situations, so this almost certainly is a characterization of discrimination isn’t it?”

In the context of latest dispute amid Italy and the EU, he said, “One nation has a budget inadequacy of 2.4%, while the other has an inadequacy surpassing 3%, which is the Maastricht Treaty criterion and they are treated dissimilarly due to some other aspects. This has to be seriously explained to the public since on contacting Italian friends, it has been seen that they are very upset regarding this treatment and people in the Czech Republic, Poland, the Slovak Republic, and other nations inquire what this really states. Why there are different two categories of countries, which is just not equality.”

Lately, the European Commission was also in news as it strikes out the allegation that it is trying to “penalize” the U.K. due to Brexit. The European Commission’s chief official has openly conflicted with a Conservative MP for the claims asserted regarding his responsibility in Brexit bargaining. MP Greg Hands has blamed Martin Selmayr—Secretary General of the EU—of functioning with the Brexit negotiator and deputy chief at the EU—Sabine Weyand—to “punish” the U.K. While, Selmayr has refuted the allegation as “fake” on Twitter, by starting a social media dispute at a sensitive time in the Brexit process.

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