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US Army Looking For Robots; Tough Competition Among The Robotics Companies

Army is searching for robots that can help its men and women fighters.  Making these 3000 robots that would come in a size of a back-pack is worth half a billion dollars contract. These robots would be used to inspect enemy positions and defuse bombs. The competition for this kind of work has now entered into Congress and also to the federal court. Such projects could help the troops scout around the corner or over the hillside or even let them be in the way of harm or get shot, said Paul Scharre, an expert of military technology.

This battle over robots raises the question whether technology of defense should be supplied only to American companies in order to avoid the chances of tampering by foreign opponents.

The immediate plans of the army are to get a new task force of 5,000 robots of different sizes. The Air Force, Marines and Navy are making similar investments too.

In May 2018, the chief of Army General Mark Milley at a Senate had appealed for additional money to update the task force. He had said that my estimate is robots will play an important role in the fight in a decade or a decade and a half.

Milley said that the opponents like Russia and China are investing hugely and quickly in the use of ground, sea and aerial robots. He added that we are also doing the similar thing.

The pledge of such big investments in terms of robotics is a boon for the defense contractors of the United States and technology firms. However, the situation is troublesome for such firms that have foreign ties. In August, a report was published by the Pentagon saying that China is spying to acquire the technologies of foreign military. They are sometime using students and researchers as agents and mediators.

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