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US Government Starts Again After Airport Chaos

The longest shutdown of government ever has come to an end—for the time being. President Trump claimed this week that he will sanction a short-term resolution to restart the government for the coming 3 Weeks. Congress swiftly operated to sanction the measure that got the signature of president as soon as possible.

A number of federal workers from organizations such as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) were furloughed at the December-end after lawmakers were not able to pass a number of bills to support the government via the rest of the year. But as this week, the government has restarted till February 15, 2019.

As per the media report, federal workers will not get their back wage until well into next week. It is not clear if contractors will get the back pay or not. Tensions rose last week after the FAA was obliged to make noteworthy modifications to routes and flight times after the agency observed a spike in workers calling for sick leave. Federal employees who are considered “important” are needed to work at the time of shutdown without pay, and more than 800,000 individuals missed their 2nd paycheck this week.

On a related note, since the government shutdown carries on, some TSA screeners are calling out sick and resigning from their jobs, not knowing when they will get their next salary, as per a union representing the TSA. The union took legal action against the federal government earlier on behalf of its executives.

Over 50,000 individuals are employed by the organization and will not get paid till the federal government starts. Security lines are normally longer after the holiday season, but staff and flyers have been reporting even additional waiting time spent as screeners look for paid gigs somewhere else. The average TSA worker earns is $30,000 annually.

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