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Ovzon Buys Falcon Heavy Launch

Ovzon, a Swedish firm with future plans for a geostationary communications satellite, announced this week a deal with SpaceX. This deal is related to a Falcon Heavy launch in the fourth quarter of 2020. Reportedly, Ovzon has not yet acquired the satellite but paid Eutelsat with $1.6 Million. This payment is for moving one of the firm’s satellites to an unnamed Ovzon orbital slot to take spectrum rights at that location.

Per Wahlberg, CEO, Ovzon, stated that the procurement of the firm’s foremost satellite is in the final phase. He also added that the production of an advanced onboard processor has started earlier this month. Wahlberg stated that contracting the launch supplier of first satellite is a major as well as an exciting step for the firm. SpaceX proposed a very workable solution with the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle that is supposed to offer the firm with access to space in a reliable and timely manner.

On a similar note, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Modern Technology Solutions Inc. (MTSI) recently came into the news as both the agencies announced that they are working together. This partnership is supposed to be valid for the period of over 24 Months for developing an outline of an autonomous aircraft that is to be used for achieving the certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

MTSI, a fully employee-owned engineering services & technology solutions provider firm, is known for offering services to a variety of sectors including the intelligence community, defense industry, and commercial markets. The latest collaboration will be MTSI’s first NASA Space Act Agreement that would allow it to work with NASA Armstrong on the NASA Traveler Project. The objective of the latest project is to form a strong methodology and architecture for certifying totally autonomous systems. This project will employ a technique called Multi-Mode Run-Time Assurance (MM-RTA).

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