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Tesla Focuses On The Production Of New Ai Chip-Based High-Speed Computers In The Next Six Months

Elon Musk—Tesla CEO—has recently announced about the release of the Tesla’s new neural net computer that would be highly advanced to be used for auto-pilot. The production of the new computers will start in about six months. The speed of the new computer would be incredibly fast that it can be able to perform 500-2000% more operations per second as compared to the previous one

The new computer would be integrated with Tesla’s own developed AI chip. The company has been working over the project from the last 3 Years. At that time, the company was looking for better and high-computing powered vehicles for autonomous driving.

It has been reported that in the year 2016, Tesla silently hired Jim Keller, a well-known chip designer from the processor developing company AMD. This step of hiring chip designer by Tesla made everyone curious, which made everyone thought that maybe Tesla could be planning to develop its own silicon-based AI chip

The guess of development of Tesla’s own chip became stronger after Tesla hired a whole team of chip designers and executives from AMD.

However, last year, Elon Musk confirmed that the progress is going on over the development of its own AI chip.

After the departure of Keller, the team of chip designers is led by Pete Bannon, one of the chip designers hired two years ago by Tesla.

In the Year 2018, Bannon announced with surety that the new AI chip will be released with integration into a new hardware set 3.0 for Autopilot. He also confirmed that the existing installed Autopilot based on hardware 2.0 and 2.5 will be replaced by the new AI-based computer for the Tesla customers who ordered the car with the complete Autopilot package.

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