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Qualcomm Introduced 60GHz Wi-Fi Processors

Qualcomm Technologies this week declared a series of 60GHz Wi-Fi processors, the QCA64x1 and QCA64x8. These chipsets are claimed to deliver 10+ Gbps network speeds and wire comparable latency. The new 60GHz Wi-Fi processors are available from this week.

As per the firm, its 60GHz Wi-Fi series has the suppleness to meet challenging requirements such as video streaming amongst other. With the help of the latest processors, the firm plans to harness abilities that support new 60GHz Wi-Fi sensing apps such as presence and proximity detection, room mapping with exact location, gesture recognition, and enhanced detection of facial features. Qualcomm states it is the first to introduce a 60GHz Wi-Fi solution with advancements based on the 802.11ay specs.

The range of 11ay 60GHz Wi-Fi processors by Qualcomm comprises QCA6428 and QCA6438 for fixed wireless access & infrastructure and the QCA6421 & QCA6431 for mobile apps.

Speaking of Qualcomm, the firm along with MediaTek is operating closely with Indian smartphone manufacturers to assist them make a comeback in the sector where they have lost a noteworthy share to Chinese companies such as Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo. “There has been some alteration certainly in the industry. Some will return, and they are already operating in this direction, and we are working closely with them,” claimed Kuldeep Malik, country head at MediaTek India for corporate sales international, to the media in an interview.

Malik claimed that local companies will have an opportunity in India, given they have the correct mindset and direction to grow. “There are hurdles, but it is possible,” he claimed. In the meantime, Qualcomm is learnt to be joining hands with local brands to assist them in the highly competitive handset industry, which returned to double-digit development (almost 18%) as compared to last year in the quarter two of 2018.

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