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About Us

A dedication towards readers and culture has assisted Industry News Source develop from a newbie to now the platform that serves hundreds of readers daily. Our passion for happiness, support, and quality is seen in everything that we do for our readers. We believe three core values. First, information is for everyone. Hence, it is our duty to offer you genuine content. Second, make the world a smaller place. Therefore, engage the readers with our content so that they make their own community to discuss on different topic on our platform. Lastly, create lasting impact. This will be seen by judging the quality of our content.

Our aim at Industry News Source is to develop the most powerful and yet the simplest platform for readers to fulfill their thrust of content-rich news, and to set the bar for great user support. In addition to these objectives, we have an aim on building one of the most fulfilling and unique workplaces that exist, by renovating a number of conventional practices. We iterate and improve our content over and over and we are working very hard on this.

We are a completely distributed team, indicating that we will reply to your queries and provide you with diverse content from all over the world! The team at Industry News Source works from different areas and regions. Living in a place that puts a smile on your place is one of our fundamental beliefs, and has remained with the firm since the beginning.

We are always eager to hear your opinion and are grateful to hear about your experience with Industry News Source. You will find active for the larger part during standard office hours in the weekdays. Hit us up if you require anything or if your general query needs to be solved. We will be swift in answering and helping you out.